On call – Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa – Haarlem
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Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa
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On call

Evening, weekend, holidays

outside office hours, in the evening, during the night, weekend and holidays, the practice is closed. For urgent medical situations you can reach the GP on call at the emergency post. You can only visit the emergency post after making an appointment. Make sure you have your insurance information with you when you make the call.

Telephone number EMERGENCY POST              023 – 545 32 00      

Emergency post location South
Boerhavelaan 22
2035 RC Haarlem

Emergency post location North
Vondelweg 999
2026 BW Haarlem

Holidays (closed during office hours)

During holydays or other days when your doctor is not available, you can reach one of the other GP’s in the general practitioners group. Your surname decides which GP you can call. You will find the information on the answering machine or on the website under ‘practice news’.

 The General Practitioners Group contain the following GP’s in Haarlem:

 General Practioner:    Address:  Telephone:
 M.A.J Balm  Raamsingel 4  023 – 531 59 17
 G. A. Bucher  Verspronckweg 58  023 – 525 01 00
 M.W. Heinsdijk  Zijlweg 80 zwart  023 – 532 17 47
 J. Huisman  Oude Zijlvest 41  023 – 531 06 93
 R.T. te Slaa  Donkere Spaarne 56  023 – 531 22 07