Our vision – Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa – Haarlem
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Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa
Korte Spaarne 31 2011 AJ

Our vision

Our practice stands for small scale, openness and freedom for the patient; ”modern medicine, in a historical atmosphere”.
We want to practice medicine with a lot of personal attention for the patient and with a high standard of continuity of care.
We want to offer care that is approachable for everyone which makes it possible to make an appointment easily and quickly.
our philosophy is that every patient can choose their own path as often as possible. Our main issue is to advise, guide and treat the patient the best way we can. We practice regular medicine, but we understand that there are other views as well.
Our practice is localized in an antique building, the organisation small and efficient, our care naturally modern. We work by the latest standards in general medicine, are a training facility with connections to the AMC and aim to transfer the care from the second to the first line of medical care.  We practice our beautiful work to the utmost. The wish of the patient is crucial to us.

The practice has a quality mark: we are accredited by the Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap.