Route – Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa – Haarlem
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Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa
Korte Spaarne 31 2011 AJ



Huisartsenpraktijk Te Slaa
Korte Spaarne 31
2011 AJ  Haarlem
t. 023 – 5312207

The practice is situated in the centre of Haarlem. You can park your car alongside the Spaarne and on the Bakenessergracht. You can also park your car in the parking garage “De Appelaar” on Damstraat, fifty meters away from the practice. You can cross the Spaarne by foot over the Gravestenenbridge. In the area around the practice you need a permit to park your car. Fines for invalid parking are high. When you come by car please be aware of the one-way traffic alongside the Spaarne at the south end of the Spaarne. You can reach the practice from the Koudenhorn (alongside the police station).